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Our our highly skilled attorneys have decades of experience in many areas of litigation including trust and estate disputes, estate administration, estate planning and adult guardianships. 

Our attorneys use our knowledge and expertise of legal areas of practice to tailor our approach to solve your legal problems. The attorneys know the outcome of our legal services effects your family and your future and to that end we keep your best interests at the forefront.

Bercik Law

Lauren Bercik, ESQ

Lauren D. Bercik, Esq. has been a civil litigator since 2004, devoting most of her practice to estate litigation including will contests, fraudulent wills, and gifts and estate administration disputes. 

The firm handles guardianship applications and represents family members in contested guardianship cases.  Additionally, we offer estate planning and administration services for clients who have family members or legal matters in NJ but may reside in another state.

Bercik Law treats each client with dignity and respect. We act as a support system for you and your family and will always have your best interests in mind. Our professional legal team is committed to answering your questions in a straight forward and easy to understand manner.

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