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When an individual has reached a point in their life where they are incapable of managing their financial affairs or even overall well-being, either due to old age or physical or mental disabilities, the court may name another individual as the conservator.

It’s critical that conservators thoroughly understand their duties as there are an abundance of important responsibilities.  Our conservatorship attorneys at Bercik Law have experience helping conservators not only understand their role, but resolve any legal issues they encounter. 

Requirements of Conservatorships Appointments

The fulfillment of a conservator’s responsibilities directly affects the well-being of the conservatee. 

Common responsibilities of a conservator include:

  • Submission of a petition to court to establish a conservatorship
  • Management of estate assets
  • Management of property
  • Submission of reports and monitoring by courts

The extent of the obligations involved depend on whether your appointment is a limited or general conservatorship. If you are in New Jersey area, let our skilled, professional attorneys help you determine which is the appropriate type for your situation.

Contact a New Jersey Conservatorship Attorney

Conservatorship entails many important responsibilities. If you have any questions about the role or simply would like guidance, our conservatorship attorneys at Bercik Law can help. Get in touch with our legal team today by calling (732)483-6300, or visit our Contact page to fill out a form and request more information.

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