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After a DUI Drunk Driving Arrest Consider the Consequences & Your Defense

DUI drunk driving arrest

After a DUI Drunk Driving Arrest You Must Consider the Consequences & Your Defense

A DUI drunk driving arrest with its accompanying breathalyzer tests, time locked in a cell and mugshots is, in and of itself, a traumatic and humbling experience.  However, your journey through the judicial system is only just beginning.  Now, you face charges for driving while intoxicated and the penalties upon conviction for a DUI drunk driving are significant.  You will be facing, at the very least, a seven (7) month to one (1) year loss of license, fines, surcharges, and steep increases in your insurance rates.  Also, you will have a DUI conviction as a permanent part of your driving history – a history that in New Jersey cannot be expunged.

A DUI Drunk Driving arrest can be accompanied with a variety of complex summons

You will have been given a variety of summonses that will most likely consist of the actual DUI “Drunk Driving” summons, plus additional summonses for moving violations and any document deficiencies pertaining to your vehicle (license, registration, etc.).  All are significant in your defenses going forward.  The summonses will contain a first appearance date for court wherein you will be required to physically appear in the municipal court and enter a plea of either “Guilty” or “Not Guilty.”  The points and fines for the various driving offenses leave many people overwhelmed and confused.  Without legal representation, you can be left to have only the prosecutor’s explanation of your charges and options. It’s time to consult a lawyer.

After a DUI Drunk Driving arrest, an attorney who is experienced, knowledgeable, and forthright can give you an accurate assessment of your case and to expect as part of the coming prosecution.

A DUI lawyer can explain the process for discovery and the best opportunities to obtain information for your defense.  Such an attorney understands the legal significance of the facts of your case and how to draft worthwhile, meritorious motions that achieve real goals.  At the same time, the attorney must be able to distinguish between those defense tactics that can genuinely help you and those that will succeed only in building walls between you, the prosecution, and the court – walls that can ultimately result in a more severe outcome.  Understanding the nuances of a DUI defense is critical for an effective representation.

You can feel like its the end of the world but with knowledgeable guidance you will get through an experienced lawyer, you’ll realize that there is life even after a DUI drunk driving arrest.

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