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Bercik Law delivers personalized, quality estate planning services.

Clients concerned about passing on a legacy to their loved ones, find our service exceptional and compassionate for all types of circumstances. 

For over 40 years of combined experience, our attorneys have helped families pass on gifts and estates to their loved ones.  Families from all walks of life including married couples, blended families, domestic partners, same-sex couples, single people, single parents, pet parents and more have relied on our knowledge and understanding of New Jersey estate planning.

Whether you are blessed with a healthy and harmonious family, concerned about a your surviving spouse or children squandering or fighting over their inheritance, out attorneys are hear to listen and offer help.

One Goal: An Estate Plan That Fits

We respect the unique concerns and needs of every client, regardless of circumstances or complexity. 

Whether clients have a clear sense of their goals or are just beginning to assess their plans, we apply our knowledge of the law and estate planning tools to craft custom plans that address personal needs.

We take immense pride in ensuring that each estate plan reflects the client’s goals and values, with an eye toward ensuring family harmony, minimizing tax burdens, and securing a legacy for generations 

Please tell us more, we’re here to listen…

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