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Probate administration is the process of settling the legal affairs of an individual who has died and where the deceased’s property is transferred to the beneficiaries under a will.  

Probate administration is used to validate a will, to appoint an executor, also known as the person that carries out the directions set forth in a will, and to administer the estate.

The executor is tasked with the overwhelming responsibility to manage everyone’s interests and also the potential disputes they have with the way the executor is overseeing the estate. The executor also ensures all the estate taxes and debts have been paid and that the assets have dispersed accordingly.

The probate administration attorneys at Bercik Law. have extensive experience helping clients with probate administration, while also protecting their rights and interests along the way.

Responsibilities of the Executor

The executor has numerous responsibilities, and although they vary according to the circumstances, each given task is very important.  Some of the most common duties of an executor include:

  • Filing a petition for probate
  • Publishing notice of the petition
  • Mailing notices of hearings to individuals entitled / required to notice
  • Filing a bond to guarantee you will carry out the role of executor properly
  • Preparing inventory and appraising assets
  • Paying debts (possibly selling assets)
  • Appearing at a final hearing / implementing court decision

Such obligations may seem daunting at first, but each one is for a significant, designated reason. If you are having trouble with the probate administration process in New Jersey, it would benefit you to contact one of our knowledgeable attorneys.

Contact a Probate Administration Attorney in New Jersey

Probate administration can be confusing and overwhelming, but you do not have to go through this process alone. Our attorneys at Bercik Law are here to help executors with their legal obligations. Contact us at (732)483-6300 to speak with an attorney with extensive understanding of probate administration today.

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