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Family fights can ignite over the execution of a will or trust.  Heirs may question the validity of a will especially if disinherited.

Oftentimes an estate litigation attorney is needed.

The probate process can suddenly, and without warning, turn into a long and arduous one; the more heirs involved, the more entangled it can become. 

During the litigation process, our first priority is to advocate for the rights of you and your family. At Bercik Law, we have the skilled legal professionals you want and the experience you need on your side in the litigation of cases involving probate, wills, and trusts.

Our Probate, Trust, and Estate Litigation Practice Areas

At Bercik Law, our comprehensive and extensive knowledge comes from assisting clients through various probate, trust, and estate conflicts. We are thoroughly committed and ready to assist you if your case involves:

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