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Power is entrusted in a fiduciary to act on behalf of another. He or she may not directly benefit from their situation to profit at the expense of the beneficiaries. All appearances of impropriety and conflicts of interest must be avoided. Fiduciary relationships include those of an executor of an estate to the beneficiaries, a trustee of a trust to the beneficiaries, a stockbroker and his client, a receiver handling an insolvent estate, a company executive and his company.

Sometimes things just go wrong; either from intentional acts of the fiduciary or from pure negligence. If you think an executor or trustee is mishandling the assets of an estate or trust you’re involved with, contact us. If you’re the fiduciary serving the interests of the beneficiaries and find yourself the target of unreasonable attacks for breach of fiduciary duty or breach of trust, contact us. 

Whatever the circumstances you are dealing with in a fiduciary dispute, we can help, so contact an experienced estate attorney at Bercik Law today.

Fiduciary Litigation Lawyer Available to Help You

There are many reasons for trust litigation, including:

  • The legality of a trust formation
  • Interpretations of a trust
  • Misappropriation of trust funds by trustee

Any of these situations can cause disputes and reinforce the need for a lawyer to represent your interests during litigation. Legal representation is often necessary when the validity of a trust is at issue and happens due to questions of:

  • Unsound mind of person setting up a trust
  • Deceptive practices / intimidation
  • Forgery
  • Revocation of trust at a future date
  • Concerns that a trust is invalid for other reasons, or other trust issues.

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