Estate Litigation to Resolve Conflicts

Overseeing a decedent’s estate whether they die intestate (without a will), or with a will can be a considerable task.   In many cases, disputes arise regarding estate management, and litigation is often the only means of resolving these conflicts.

If you are involved in estate litigation regarding an estate’s settlement in New Jersey, the lawyers from Bercik Law know how to successfully advocate for the needs of clients in these circumstances.

Common Reasons for Estate Litigation

Disputes can arise for any number of reasons when a person’s estate is at issue upon their death. These are some common reasons for litigation:

  • Disputes between children of deceased parents without a will
  • Disputes regarding the validity of a will
  • Disputes regarding the fairness of assets distributed in a will
  • Breach of trust / suspicion of a trustee’s intentions or actions

These scenarios could signal that litigation and legal intervention is necessary to determine what the proper course of action is for a person’s estate after his or her death.

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