Inheritance Conflicts

inheritance dispute - berciklaw.comWhen transferring assets in accordance with a will or trust, it is expected that conflicts will ensue. Unfortunately, inheritance disputes can be a very emotional time for families and beneficiaries may seek an inheritance dispute lawyer in New Jersey to settle their differences.

Common Inheritance Disputes

Beneficiaries just naturally seem to pursue the largest inheritance possible. Those that claim additional entitlements generally refuse to relinquish their demands.  The following are common reasons why disputes may arise between beneficiaries:

  • Unequal division of assets
  • Misinterpretation of a will/trust
  • Undue influence of a new spouse used to coerce the will writer
  • Siblings/heirs exercise undue influence to cut others out of the will

Even after everything possible has been done to avoid inheritance disputes, sometimes conflicts remain.  If you find yourself in a probate dispute, it would be helpful to talk to a probate attorney.

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