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Probate refers to the process by which your loved one’s will is validated and their wishes are carried out. Guidelines regarding their estate, their belongings, and monetary holdings, for example, are administered according to the will. Problems arise during probate administration because beneficiaries fight over entitlement to funds they need or want.

The probate dispute attorneys of Bercik Law understand just how difficult a probate dispute can be. We want you to know our attorneys are here to help you, and you do not have to face these obstacles alone.

Common Probate Disputes

The circumstances that can lead to a probate dispute often vary from case to case and can be rather convoluted.  Some of the more common reasons may include:

  • Suspicions that an executor has mismanaged the estate
  • The will or trust was drafted while the person was mentally unstable
  • Some part of the decedent’s will or trust seems forged or illegitimate

The above only represents a limited number of reasons why New Jersey residents have pursued probate disputes. Even if your unique situation is not mentioned, it would behoove you to consult a probate lawyer in New Jersey.

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