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A will is a legal document that coordinates the distribution of your assets after death. Generally, it designates an executor who carries out the provisions of the will and names beneficiaries and dictates how the beneficiaries will receive the assets. Beneficiaries will always find a reason to bring a will contest challenging the validity of a will and/or its terms.

Will contests are based on numerous, different grounds.  If you are considering contesting a will, or are otherwise involved in a will contest, our will contest attorneys at Bercik Law in New Jersey have the experience necessary to represent your interests.

Reasons for Will Contests

Will contests occur when beneficiaries think that a will is invalid, or because the terms in a will do not reflect the intentions of the testator. For a will to be contested and deemed invalid, it might have been written:

  • With ambiguous words,
  • Under coercion or threat,
  • With undue influence,
  • With false information, or
  • Correctly, but without proper administration by the executor.

When a will is written with unspoken meanings or under questionable circumstances, it’s best to bring contest the will. If you have found yourself in a similar situation, you will surely benefit from the help of skilled, legal guidance.

Contact a Will Contest Attorney in New Jersey

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