Probate Litigation

Managing a decedent’s estate, or the probate process, can be like navigating through stormy seas; difficult to maintain a clear path. This process is almost never easy.

Conflicts between those managing the deceased’s estate, disagreements among family members and executors almost always arise.  

Probate litigation may be necessary to resolve these disagreements. The litigation attorneys at Bercik Law can help in this sometimes protracted and obscure process, ensuring that your best interests are fully and fairly represented.

Reasons for Probate Litigation

Issues surrounding probate can be emotionally charged because of the familial relationships involved. Conflicts involving the deceased loved ones often arise making litigation necessary to resolve their discrepancies.

Some reasons probate litigation may be necessary are:

  • Differences in will interpretation
  • Disagreements regarding a will’s legality
  • Disagreements about executor status
  • Disagreements about asset division

If any of these conflicts seem familiar to you in the distribution of your loved one’s estate, then you may need the assistance of an experienced probate lawyer who can help you understand your legal claim in these circumstances.

Contact a Probate Lawyer in New Jersey

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