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Find the Right DUI Lawyer to Fight 

dui lawyer - berciklaw.comFinding the right lawyer to fight your DUI is best accomplished by no less than a good, old-fashioned, word-of-mouth referral from a trusted source.  But, if such a referral is unavailable, you will need to do some homework.

First and foremost,  look for an experienced DUI lawyer.

Experienced DUI attorneys bring more than a detailed understanding of DUI laws and defenses.  Experienced DUI LAWYERS possess an intricate knowledge of prosecutors, judges, and how the judicial process functions.  Experienced DUI attorneys understand HOW to effectively navigate the system in a way most beneficial to the client. The knowledge of the judicial systems and understanding the the various complexities of your summons you’ve received is invaluable to your protecting you.

Experience fighting a DUI alone is not enough, choose an experienced DUI Lawyer to protect you.

Be sure to find a lawyer who understands when to fight and when to minimize the damage.  An experienced attorney working in your best interest will recognize valid DUI defenses and will know just how far to pursue them to their maximum effectiveness.

An experienced DUI attorney will also understand when the client’s interests are best served by artful negotiation.  In years of prosecuting, I have seen too many defendants pursue defenses where none existed.  In so doing, they lost valuable opportunities to negotiate a reduced charge with lesser penalties.

In the end, don’t be left with a DUI conviction on the most serious counts, maximum penalties, and a big legal bill.  Navigate the judicial system with an experienced DUI Lawyer.

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