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We have the experience and insight to ensure that you and your loved one’s best interests are protected.

The attorneys at Bercik Law are committed to a robust and proactive approach to achieve results for our clients in estate, trust, and guardianship litigation matters. We also help our clients with the administration of probate estates, estate planning, non-probate assets, special education advocacy, mental health guardianships, special needs guardianships, and adult guardianships.

Centrally located in Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, NJ, the firm handles cases in all New Jersey counties. Located on Route 35 North, we are a short distance from the Garden State Parkway as well as Route 195, Route 18, and Route 36. Most of our clients live in New Jersey but the firm represents executors, administrators, estate beneficiaries, and heirs throughout the United States who have family ties in the Garden State.

If your family member or loved one has recently died, you may have specific legal rights, options, and obligations. To learn more, request a consultation with an experienced probate lawyer today.

Probate & Estate Administration

When a loved one dies addressing their will can be challenging, especially if there are issues with the will or disputes between some potential beneficiaries. But the procedure becomes much less stressful when you have an experienced, dedicated lawyer to help you move through probate.

Estate Litigation

If you’re overseeing a deceased loved one's estate, there may be legal issues that arise as you do your part to manage the estate.

Whether there are disputes about the administration of the estate, the duration of the asset distribution, concerns about breaches of trust, or familial disputes in the absence of a will, many circumstances are best addressed through litigation.

Adult Guardianships

Taking on the role of guardian or conservator can be challenging. But with the help of an experienced, knowledgeable legal team, you’ll feel secure in knowing that you are executing your duties with proper legal standing.

Estate Planning

Working with the right lawyer during your estate planning makes a complicated process easier to manage and ensures that your legacy will be properly passed on to your loved ones.

Special Needs

Whether it’s planning, trusts, guardianships, or school-based law and advocacy, children with special needs and their families have unique legal needs as well. Working with an experienced, compassionate law firm gives loved ones confidence that they are ensuring a bright future for their child.

Probate & Estate Administration

Estate Litigation

Adult Guardianships

Estate Planning

Special Needs

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Bercik Law combines decades of experience with a wide range of estate planning and litigation matters, including will contests, breach of fiduciary duties, contested administrations, accountings and guardianship disputes.

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    Bercik Law Client

    Sarah Wilson

    “Lauren Bercik provided me outstanding representation! Her prompt attention and prompt responses throughout my entire case made me feel confident and at ease during a sad and difficult time for me. Lauren is an amazing attorney!”

    Bercik Law Client

    Peter Cunha

    “Lauren and her team did an excellent job explaining very important estate planning to prepare us for the inevitable one day reality of death. We covered all topics from wills, funeral arrangements, estate planning,etc. Leaving her office left me with a sigh of relief as “those” difficult conversations were completed. Thank you Lauren!!”

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    The attorneys at Bercik Law are committed to a robust and proactive approach to achieve results for our clients in estate, trust, and guardianship litigation matters. Read more...

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