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  • Lauren goes well beyond what is expected. Her Attention to detail as well as her professional approach is like no other. Looking for trustworthy, well experienced then look no further.

    thumb Dawn D
    September 18, 2020
  • Lauren and her team did an excellent job explaining very important estate planning to prepare us for the inevitable one day reality of death. We covered all topics from wills,... read more

    thumb Peter Cunha
    September 18, 2020
  • Lauren and her firm have guided many clients through the estate planning process with ease. The firm is one of the best in New Jersey at this discipline. I highly... read more

    thumb Brian Duffy
    September 18, 2020
  • Lauren and her staff are extremely knowledgeable and caring. Their attention to every detail was spot-on nad helped my family in navigating a very difficult situation. She's the best!

    thumb Scott Silver
    September 18, 2020
  • Lauren's vast experience makes her uniquely prepared to handle all matters relating to trust and estate planning, administration and litigation. She is professional, thorough and down-to-earth. She is very... read more

    thumb Chris Kelly
    September 19, 2020

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Offering Excellence in The Practice of Estate Litigation, Probate & Administration, Estate Planning, Wills, and Adult Guardianships.

The attorneys at Bercik Law are committed to a robust and proactive approach to achieve results for our clients in estate, trust, guardianship and litigation matters. We also help our clients with the administration of probate estates, estate planning, non-probate assets, special education advocacy, mental health guardianships, special needs guardianships, and adult guardianships.

Centrally located in Shrewsbury, Monmouth County, NJ, the firm handles cases in all New Jersey counties. Located on Route 35 North, we are a short distance from the Garden State Parkway as well as Route 195, Route 18, and Route 36. Most of our clients live in New Jersey but the firm represents executors, administrators, estate beneficiaries, and heirs throughout the United States who have family ties in the Garden State.

If your family member or loved one has recently died, you may have specific legal rights, options, and obligations. To learn more, request a consultation with an experienced probate lawyer today.


Administering a loved one's estate during a time of loss can be incredibly challenging.

This procedure becomes much less stressful when you have an experienced and dedicated lawyer to help you move through the probate process.


If you find yourself navigating probate or you believe that there is an issue with a loved one’s will, connect with Bercik Law today.
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Heightened emotions can lead to times of conflict.

If there are issues with a loved one's will or disputes between potential beneficiaries, an experienced attorney's insights can help ensure that the best interests of you and your loved ones are protected.


If you believe that there is an issue with a loved one’s will or find yourself in a dispute between beneficiaries, connect with Bercik Law today.
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Whether it’s planning, trusts, guardianships, or school-based law and advocacy, children with special needs and their families have unique legal needs as well. Working with an experienced, compassionate law firm gives loved ones confidence that they are ensuring a bright future for their child.


If you’re looking to secure the right support for your child now and in the future, we can help.
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Working with the right lawyer during your estate planning makes a complicated process easier to manage and ensures that your legacy will be properly passed on to your loved ones.


If you’re ready to give your loved ones peace of mind, connect with Bercik Law to begin your estate planning right away.
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Taking on the role of guardian or conservator can be challenging. But with the help of an experienced, knowledgeable legal team, you’ll feel secure in knowing that you are executing your duties with proper legal standing.


If you find yourself in need of guidance when it comes to your loved one’s guardianship, contact our team today.
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Involved in a dispute over a will?

Bercik Law combines decades of experience with a wide range of estate planning and litigation matters, including will contests, breach of fiduciary duties, contested administrations, accountings and guardianship disputes.

The attorneys at Bercik Law understand the emotions that are involved when family members or beneficiaries argue over a will, estate administration, or the care of an aging parent.

We have the experience and insight to ensure that you and your loved one’s best interests are protected.

Whether you are contesting a will, fighting with an executor or defending an accusation against you as a fiduciary the attorneys at Bercik Law are here to assist you at every stage in your journey.

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