When a loved one dies and leaves property and other assets to their beneficiaries, emotions can run high. Not only are those involved mourning the loss of someone dear, but they may also be facing a host of decisions regarding that person’s will. An experienced will contest lawyer at Bercik Law can assist clients navigate the complexities of executing and contesting wills so that the process becomes easier to manage and less stressful.

Why Would Beneficiaries Contest a Will?

Wills are legal documents that coordinate the distribution of a loved one’s assets, identify beneficiaries, and designate executors to carry out those provisions.

If a beneficiary believes they have grounds to contest a will, meaning to question its terms or validity, they should reach out to an experienced will contest lawyer. The team at Bercik Law in Monmouth County, New Jersey has the experience to represent your interests.

There are many reasons that someone might decide to contest a will, including the existence of a confidential relationship, vague wording in the document, or suspicious circumstances.

For example, when an ailing or aging family member lacks the capacity to create or update their will or when someone may be having undue influence over them while they do so, a beneficiary may choose to contest that will.



In other instances, beneficiaries may find that the terms of the will were very recently updated and appear to be out of line with what the loved one would typically do.

Still, others may feel the will is the result of coercion, threat, or false information. These too may be grounds for contesting a will.

Legal Guidance That Gives You Peace of Mind

If you find yourself dealing with potential issues related to a loved one’s will, you’ll want a legal team and an experienced will contest lawyer in your corner as you move through the process of contesting it.

At Bercik Law we have years of experience and a deep understanding of will contests. Whether you’re an executor or a beneficiary, we can help you reach the best possible outcome for your unique situation while delivering peace of mind along the way.

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