The process of estate administration involves settling a loved one’s estate, whether in the form of real estate, money stocks, or personal belongings, after they die. It also involves paying any outstanding debts or taxes and distributing assets to those that inherit them according to the provisions set out in the will.

Do I Need An Estate Administration Attorney?

When a loved one dies, it’s important to have a lawyer you can trust as you move through estate administration, especially if there are disagreements (or potential disagreements) regarding the terms of the will or its execution. These disputes can lead to lengthy and complicated legal challenges.

Your attorney can help you better understand and act on your legal obligations in this new and sometimes overwhelming role. An experienced lawyer can help you fulfill the duties of an estate administrator while protecting your rights, defending against potential litigation, and preserving the interests of your deceased loved one.

While every case is unique and laws vary by state, if you’ve been designated to administer an estate or know someone who has, the right lawyer can make the entire procedure easier than you might imagine.

With proper planning and appropriate legal counsel, you can take steps toward avoiding potentially costly legal issues. Seeking this sort of support, especially when emotions run high, can help prevent legal or personal questions conflicts with your loved ones and other beneficiaries that could have lasting consequences beyond the estate administration itself.

Working with Bercik Law will help you move through the New Jersey estate administration process with confidence. We take the time to answer your questions and address your concerns and are here for you every step of the way so you are never short on peace of mind.

Experienced Legal Counsel For Your New Jersey Estate Administration

At Bercik Law we have over 40 years of combined experience and are adept at representing our New Jersey clients’ rights when it comes to estate administration.

If you’re tasked with administering an estate, contact the experienced estate administration lawyers at Bercik Law.

Bercik Law combines decades of experience with a wide range of estate planning and litigation matters, including will contests, breach of fiduciary duties, contested administrations, accountings and guardianship disputes.

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